January is almost over!

Hey everyone! As normal, this week has been hectic here in Phoenix.

As we were biking down the street we saw a dude just sprawled out on top of a garbage bag in a super weird position, and he wasn’t moving. So we thought “is this guy dead?”

So we do the thing that all rational people would do. We walked up and said “hey, how’s it going?” His leg started twitching and he moved a bit, so we assumed he was alive and just kept going.

We also ended up meeting about 8 kids in an apartment complex at night who just had a bunch of weird questions for us. I’ll list some examples (I won’t give all because it went on for 30 minutes):

  • Satan became Satan when he ate the black apple and it killed the girl and that’s what made the guy get kicked out of the garden (talking about Adam and Eve we assume) 
  • Does the devil have a huge pot that he cooks the bad people in?
  • I heard that of you throw gun powder, no wait, not gun powder but just a really fine powder on a ghost, I heard if you throw that powder on the ghost you’ll be able to see them and then it’ll kill them
  • Why is God so giant, why can’t he be small?
  • And many many more.

We also showed up to a guy’s house that we teach, and the first thing he said to us was “hey my medical Marijuana card ran out, so I ended up driving to California to get some” then shows us the sandwich size ziploc bag full of the stuff. Yeah, that was an interesting lesson.

We ended up playing four square with these kids in a trailer park for about half an hour. That was fun.

The father of one of our investigators got deported, the roommate of another investigator of ours is about to get deported. 

We got to go the temple with a recent convert on Tuesday. That was awesome. It was his first time going and we got to walk him through how the baptisms work and it was just so cool to be there and share the experience with him. 

Today we went to this Mexican gift shop that’s run by a member, so missionaries get a huge discount on the stuff there. It was so cool. I ended up buying some stuff for the kids, and got myself a cool día de los muertos skull and a Mexican poncho. So I’m stoked!

That was my week! Here’s some pictures: