It’s February!

Hello everyone! It’s been another typical week here in Phoenix.

I’ve been sick for the past five days, so I haven’t done too much in the way of work, because nobody wants someone who’s sneezing, coughing, and dropping mucus on the their door or in their house. Apart from that, when I have been outside, it’s been fun!

Last night there was a baptism, so my companion and I went. It was good, as baptisms usually are. As we were leaving we met this guy coming up to the door who was looking for our bishop. Turns out he’s a bounty hunter who’s going after one of our members that’s apparently done “terrible things.” Yeah, that was an interesting conversation. The other elders are going to end up teaching him though. 

We also met this woman who had been taught by missionaries a little while ago. She was pretty cool and we had an awesome conversation with her. She noticed that I was sick and had a migraine so she offered me some medication. I thought that it was going to be Tylenol or dayquil or something like that. Nope, she offers me her prescription painkillers. After some diligent thought on it, I politely refused and just asked for some water.

I’ve also had no less than four people offer me penicillin for my cold. I have had to buy no less than three tubes for my bike this week, because here in Arizona there’s a ton of stuff that’ll give you flat tires, no matter how careful you are. So I’ve spent a decent amount of time fixing up my bike.

We also have our interviews with President Christensen tomorrow, which means that next Wednesday is transfer day. Which means I’m probably moving again. So get ready for that email. 

That’s about all I have for this week. Love you all!