Hello everyone! So my companion and I are getting whitewashed out. I don’t know where I’m going to yet, I probably won’t know until Wednesday. So I’m going to start packing tonight. 

As for the weekly report, this week has been awesome!

Last night the prophet, President Oaks, and their wives came down to Phoenix area for a devotional and we were able to go. It was so cool. There were a few thousand members there and it amazing.

They gave really awesome talks, and President Oaks’ wife made this comment:

“There’s only fifteen apostles on the earth and you have the chance to hear two of them. That means that you are people that want to learn and draw closer to your Heavenly Father and want to do your best to follow Him and His servants”

President Nelson talked a lot about “being of Abraham” and talked a lot about the blessings in the Abrahamic Covenant and how we can be worthy of those blessings. It was an awesome experience. 

We got to help someone paint the illegal addition onto their trailer because it wasn’t approved by the city and they were trying to build it as quick as possible so that nobody would notice. We also helped someone else in the same trailer park move a bunch of just trash and rotting wood and crud out of their yard. 

Update: I am going back to Yuma!!! Don’t know where, hopefully San Luis! That means that I’ll be there for five weeks and then come back up to Phoenix for my last week. I’m so excited!

So unless any weird last minute change happens (like last time) I’ll be in Yuma in a few days. 

Other update: I’m not going to San Luis, I’m going to the other Spanish ward. But it’s an all Spanish district, so I’ll be able to go on exchange in San Luis. I’m super pumped. It’s a good day. 

Thats all for my update this week. Love you all!